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The challenge

An overwhelming majority of households in many developing countries, particularly in Africa, do not yet have access to modern, clean affordable, and accepted fuels and technologies. These Households typically rely on polluting fuels such as biomass (e.g., firewood, charcoal) and coal for cooking, heating, and lighting, which negatively impacts their health, livelihoods, and climate.

The solution

Switching to clean and affordable fuels can therefore have social and environmental impacts that have the potential to reduce all of these risks, especially for women, while providing a range of economic opportunities for businesses and communities.

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Our mission

The GreenQuest project aims to develop a viable, sustainable green fuel product (Green LFG) in Southern Africa by combining technological process development with a holistic assessment of the technical, economic, environmental, and social dimensions along the entire Green LFG value chain.

Stakeholder engagement is key.

An exploitation strategy will be developed to increase the innovation potential for field production of Green LFG by strengthening partnership with industry and identifying and promoting business opportunities based on project results.

Greening the production and use of liquefied fuel gas in Southern Africa

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