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Welcome to GreenQUEST – Fuel for Life

The challenge

Polluting fuels like biomass and coal are heavily relied on to power homes and industry across Africa.

The dependence on these fuels for cooking, heating and lighting causes approximately 4 million deaths per year in homes across the African continent. At the same time, key industries remain tied to fossil fuels due to concerns that alternative fuels would increase production costs and negatively affect economic development.

The solution

Green liquified fuel gas (gLFG) is a viable alternative to traditional fuels that has the potential to reduce the harmful effects of fossil fuels and foster sustainable development.

This clean, efficient, affordable fuel can dramatically reduce health risks for domestic users, many of whom are women and children, while simultaneously reducing poverty. At industry level, gLFG could not only reduce the environmental effects of energy use and production, but could also open up economic opportunities for businesses and communities across Africa.

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Our mission

The GreenQUEST project aims to develop a viable, sustainable green fuel product (gLFG) in the Global South, in particular sub-Saharan Africa by combining technological process development with a holistic assessment of the technical, economic, environmental, and social dimensions along the entire gLFG value chain.

Stakeholder engagement is key.

GreenQUEST’s research has confirmed that gLFG has potential as a transformative green synthetic fuel. Our engagement with stakeholders has underscored its benefits for decarbonizing industries rapidly and sustainably. The fuel promises to have significant positive impacts for both people and the planet.

Greening household and industrial fuels to better the lives of people across Africa

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