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Greening fuel in Africa


Why gLFG?

At GreenQUEST, we believe that gLFG can transform the energy landscape in Africa by providing a clean source of fuel for homes while also stimulating industrial growth and fostering entrepreneurship.

By integrating technological innovations with comprehensive evaluations of technical, economic, environmental, and social factors, we aim to transform the energy landscape.

Eliminate energy inequality

Many households in Southern Africa lack access to modern, sustainable energy sources, forcing low-income communities to depend on polluting fuels to power their homes. gLFG can drastically reduce health risks and environmental impact, providing a safer, more sustainable energy option for under-served communities

Improve health and socio-economic outcomes

The reliance on biomass not only harms the environment but also disproportionately affects women, hindering their socio-economic development. By transitioning to cleaner energy solutions, we aim to facilitate socio-economic advancement that can uplift entire communities while reducing the impact of fuel use and production on the environment.

Reduce reliance on fossil fuels

While LPG has been a top priority fuel in sub-Saharan Africa and takes a step in the right direction with regard to reducing reliance on traditional biomass, it remains a fossil fuel. gLFG offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly low-carbon alternative that aligns with global goals around decarbonization and environmental preservation.

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The Approach

Developing gLFG

GreenQUEST is using a multifaceted strategy to explore the potential of gLFG as a clean alternative to traditional LPG.

gLFG harnesses the power of solar energy

We have established that gLFG can be synthesised using electrolytically reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) and green hydrogen derived from water, to create an end product that is light, non-corrosive and safer than conventional LPG.

The result is a fuel that can directly replace traditional LPG and be converted into electricity using HYENA Power Pods.

Ongoing investigations

To ensure gLFG meets the demands of both the market and the environment, we intend to conduct the following comprehensive investigations:

  • Socio-technical analysis: In-depth analyses to gauge market potential, viable business models, job creation opportunities and social acceptance of gLFG to align the fuel with societal needs and expectations.
  • Techno-economic evaluation: Through comprehensive assessments, we enable stakeholders to consider gLFG within carbon-neutral energy systems, providing critical data for decision-makers in government, industry and communities.
  • Environmental impact: Our assessments focus on the entire gLFG supply chain to establish how we can achieve material circularity and minimise the fuel’s ecological footprint.

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